Element 8 Coaching


Are you…

  • In the middle of significant life changes?
  • Pondering a shift in career?
  • Holding yourself back from the life you want by fear, doubt or indecision?
  • Allowing work pressures or family obligations to drive your life?
  • Over-committed, over-extended or overwhelmed?
  • Busy taking care of everything and everyone with no time to focus on yourself?
  • Letting others’ expectations replace your own needs?
  • Feeling disconnected?
  • Always looking for something ‘more’ or something ‘better’?
  • Wanting purpose or greater meaning in your life?
  • Spending so much time ‘doing’ that you’ve forgotten how to ‘be’?

Do you want…

  • Someone experienced and dedicated to support you as you develop and implement your life vision?
  • To balance your personal and career goals?
  • To learn how to respond to challenges more effectively, with less anxiety, anger or stress?
  • To feel more energetic, vibrant, passionate and alive?
  • Optimum health and overall wellbeing?
  • To reconnect with your inner wisdom?
  • To reclaim your voice?
  • More joy, happiness and love?
  • To inspire and motivate yourself and others more powerfully?
  • To take your next steps with intention, clarity and purpose?


If you answered ‘yes’ to one or more of the above, ELEMENT 8 COACHING can support you
during this powerful transformation towards your ideal life.


“’Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've imagined.”